Sunday, March 27, 2011

Plateau's are nasty things.....

So…update on the previous post….I gained those 3.5 back! 
Plateau's are awful little monsters, they really are.  Up until last week I had been dealing with those same 3-5 pounds.  Recently I have been “meditating” and reading up on just what could be going on.  I really enjoy reading Muscle and Fitness Hers. The last issue had an article comparing so-called “diet” versions of various foods.  They compared such things as low fat peanut butter vs. regular peanut butter vs. organic peanut butter (organic won), whole wheat bread vs. whole grain bread vs. sprouted grain bread (sprouted grain won…Ezekiel 4:9 bread), etc.   This past week I was on spring break and decided to change up the diet a little bit.
I usually eat oatmeal for breakfast.  It’s the easiest, fastest thing I can make when I am working.  I measure it out, pop it in the microwave and walk away.  When I am done getting ready for work I take it out of the microwave and eat.  Simple.  However, it’s carb heaven/disaster for me! I switched out oatmeal in favor of egg white omelets this week.  I used Better ‘n Eggs All Whites and added Weight Watchers shredded cheese, salsa and sometimes black beans for an omelet.  Every morning.  No bread on the side.  I also had noticed in the past that when I eat fish as my protein I lose weight.  So 3 nights this past week I had fish.   My husband found a place to get steelhead trout.  It’s delicious!  Has the look and consistency of salmon but it does not have the fishy smell and it is meatier tasting.  Great stuff, steelhead trout! 
Drum roll….
As of weigh-in today I have lost 3.5 pounds since Tuesday!  Since joining Weight Watchers in July I am down 32.5 pounds.  You never realize just how much you have lost until you see the total number.  I swear when I weighed in I almost did a little dance….could not keep the stupid grin off of my face.  Here’s hoping that I have broken that plateau!
Difficulty now is…..making egg white omelets ahead every night this week so that I can heat them up in the morning and have those for breakfast instead of the oatmeal.  I am fairly certain I am very carb sensitive after this little experiment (and past experiences) so I am trying to go as gluten-free as I possibly can this week…plus higher protein.  This is going to be rough…gluten is in practically everything! 
Wish me luck!

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